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The TrackStar Candidate Tracking software is used by organizations to track both internal and external candidates for open positions in your organization. Managers use the system to create job postings, which are then published for review by employees. Employees can review open position requirements, and apply online.

At last, a tool to help me organize resumes and candidate communications!

When recruiting, handling resumes and keeping track of candidates is often a big hassle. Do you find yourself making piles of "will consider", "not qualified", and "must interview" resumes? If this sounds familiar, you will love the organization that TrackStar automation provides. Once resumes are received, you view them online, and enter an immediate rating and comments to facilitate the hiring process. You can sort and filter by rating status, making it simple to keep things organized. You can share communications with other managers, as well as attach documents to keep everything in one place. All information can be accessed anywhere by anyone having the process access authority.

Organize! Efficient! Consolidate! Easy!

Electronic communications are facilitated through an integrated email provider. You can create standard letters that you then reuse to standardize and speed up communications with candidates. All emails sent through the system are stored for archival, and are instantly available for manager's historical reference.

Integrated! Comprehensive! Robust!

The Candidate Tracking software optionally integrates with TrackStar Skills Tracking and Learning Management modules to provide a comprehensive platform for managing and evaluating candidates. It also helps you keep track of employees, by tracking their job assignments. Tools are included to assist in strategic planning and budgeting for positions needed over future planning periods.


  • Getting Started
  • Job Maintenance
  • Job Assignment
  • Job Posting
  • View Open Positions
  • Applicant Review
  • Applicant Ratings
  • Candidate Email
  • Standard Emails
  • Manager Notes
  • Job Requirements
  • Email Reader
  • Charts
  • Reports
  • Administration Tools
  • Outstanding Support
  • Attributes, Features and Technology
  • Features Common to all TrackStar Modules
  • Candidate Tracker Pricing
  • Next Steps

Getting Started

You access TrackStar by clicking on a browser link. The system provides multiple levels of security and encryption, so your data is safe and secure.

Each employee logs on to TrackStar using their unique ID and password. Once signed on, a menu system is presented that reflects the capabilities that have been granted each user. Though simple to use, multiple levels of help are provided to assist users if needed.

getting started

Job Maintenance

You can catalog standard jobs with the system. Job descriptions can be entered, along with other fields for categorization. You can extend the jobs with user defined fields. When licensed with the Skills Tracking or Learning Management modules, you can further define jobs by specifying required skills and training.

Job Maintenance

Job Assignment

The system allows you to track employees assigned to jobs. Employees can be assigned to multiple jobs if need be. When licensed with The Training module, the system can track training requirements for employees.

Job Assignment

Job Posting

When you have an open position that you want to publish, the Job Posting wizard is used. You can create a posting using a standardized job, or you can create a free-form job. Using the wizard, you can identify any special requirements; define start date, hiring manager, and many other values. If you have licensed the skills module, you can define required and desired skill levels for the position to facilitate rating. Once the position is created, it can be published for review by employees.

Job Posting

View Open Positions

Once an open position has been created, internal candidates can view positions using the form provided. They can view the job description, requirements, and any other parameters added by the manager. The can apply for a position clicking a provided link. Application can include attached documents, as well as qualifications and other notes. Managers are notified via email when applications are submitted.

View Open Positions


Applicant Review

The Applicant review form is used by managers to view candidate who have applied for an open position. The summary display shows each candidate, along with rating and scoring information. Resumes may be attached to candidate records to facilitate evaluation by managers. Managers can make notes for candidates, such as their qualifications, interview notes, etc. A rating value can be assigned to assign the managers assessment of each candidate.

Applicant Review

Applicant Ratings

After reviewing information about the candidate, managers can rate the candidate by selecting a rating value from a customizable list. You can sort or filter by ratings, to make it easy to find a list of people you are most interested in. Once a candidate can been excluded, you cam mark them as "rejected" to review tem from your view. So, managers can rate, organize, communicate, and hire efficiently.

Applicant Ratings

Candidate Email

An email client is integrated with the software, to allow you to send correspondence to candidates within the system. Standard letters, such as Interview Requests, Thank you notes, and other correspondence can be created and reused to standardize and speed up communications. Using mail merge, emails are automatically "signed" and personalized. When messages are sent, they are filed with the candidate application for historical reference.

Candidate Email

Standard Emails

Standard letters can be created using a tool provided which speeds up correspondence with candidate. For example, you could create a "phone interview request" email that can be reused each time you need it. Candidate and job information is automatically merged to customer the letter for the selected candidate. This standardized communications and makes it easy to send additional requirements or any other information.

When Emails are sent through TrackStar, a copy of each is saved for future reference. Managers know exactly what was sent, when and by whom.

Standard Emails

Manager Notes

Managers who are evaluating candidate can use the notes tab to record comments, interview results, or any other information pertaining to the candidate. Each not is timestamps and the creator recorded for historical records. The hiring manager can review comments from everyone to get an overall view of the candidate.

Manager Notes

Job Requirements

The Job Requirements tool is used to specify how many of each type of job are needed by department. When you select a department, the form allows for entry of the number of positions needed. You can enter the current count, a minimum count, and a future count which usually refers to the next planning period. The summary view (shown) shows the company wide totals. This information feeds the reporting system, and is used to determine skills and job needs enterprise wide.

Job Requirements

Email Reader

The Candidate Tracking software can be configured to receive emails from candidates. For example, if you were to post a job on a public web site such as, emails from candidates can be automatically routed to the system. The system reads emails, and creates candidate records automatically. Email notifications can be automatically generated for both candidate and hiring managers.

Email Reader


Numerous reports and charts are provided. For example, this chart shows the rating breakdown for a selected position. The rating codes are setup by your system administrator.



This report lists candidates for a selected position by the rating status. Reports such as this one can be used by managers who need hard copy. While many reports are included, the goal is to put everything at the managers fingertips without need for piles of paper.


Administration Tools

TrackStar includes a robust set of administration tools to help you configure and tailor the system.  You use the admin tools to load and maintain employee, department, jobs, and various other data tables in the system.  A scheduling tool is also included that is used to schedule background jobs or tasks, such as data extracts and reports. 

Tool Use To
Department Maintenance Define your company's organizational structure.
Employee Maintenance Enter and maintain the employees who use the software.
Group Maintenance Create groups of departments for approvals and reporting.
Job Maintenance Maintain job descriptions for standard jobs in your organization.
Report Maintenance Create custom reports.
Schedule Maintenance Setup jobs to run at preset intervals.
Security Maintenance Define employee access to system functions.
Skills Maintenance Maintain the master skills database.
System Preferences Maintenance Setup operational preferences.
User Field Maintenance Define custom fields to extend TrackStar.
User Code Maintenance Enter coded fields for choice lists.

Outstanding Support

ISC provides world-class support for its software.  When you have a question or problem, our staff provides the answers you need, when you need them. 

For ASP customers, the support fees are built-in to the monthly fee.  This includes updates, phone support, and periodic enhancements.  For in-house customers, our support plan is required in the first year and optional thereafter.

Support/Service Offerings
ASP Support- Included with ASP plan.
Annual Support - Offered to in-house customers.
Per-Incident Support - Provides support on a per-call basis.
Training Services - Administrative training for TrackStar.

Time Tracker Software Attributes

  • 100% web based software.
  • Available as an in-house solution or as an ASP service.
  • Scalable from a few users to hundreds (or thousands) of users.
  • Highly customizable through preference settings.
  • Point-and-click interface makes learning easy.
  • Comprehensive, affordable solution.
  • Simple implementation, virtually maintenance free.

Time Tracker Software Features

  • Provides a facility for entering and maintaining your jobs database.
  • Provides job posting wizard for entering and maintaining open positions.
  • Includes electronic Applicant Review tool used by managers to evaluate candidates.
  • Provides tools for creating standard letters to standardize correspondence.
  • Integrates with Skills Tracking for powerful skills based scoring of candidates.
  • Job Requirements tool to assist in strategic planning and budgeting.
  • Email Reader to handle emailed in applications by candidates.
  • Provides numerous built-in reports, and includes a report writer used to generate your own custom reports.
  • Provides a full suite of administration tools for system setup and ongoing maintenance.
  • Supports data extract in popular formats for interfacing with other systems.
  • Interfaces with your email system to notify managers and candidates when applications are submitted.


TrackStar is built using the latest Microsoft .Net technology. For in-house installs, it requires a Windows based server, with IIS and SQL Server. For ASP installs, the only thing required is a browser!

Features Common to all TrackStar Modules

  • Ability to automatically synchronize employee information with external systems.
  • Ability to link to Active Directory for single logon (ASP & In-house).
  • Supports multiple cultures.
  • Supports multiple web browsers and devices (Pc's, Tablets, Smart Phones, etc.)


  • Efficient platform for managers to evaluate candidates to save time and money.
  • Tracks correspondence and manager collaboration for legal records.
  • Efficiently publish jobs for internal candidates.
  • 100% web based.  Nothing to install or purchase.  Just load and go!

Licensing Options

  • Candidate Tracker ASP is installed in ISC's datacenter (SaaS).  You simply access the system from your browser, using a URL that has been registered for you.  You pay a monthly ASP fee that includes support.
  • Candidate Tracker In-House is installed in your offices.  You pay a one-time license fee, plus an annual maintenance fee (required in the first year, optional thereafter).


Candidate Tracker Pricing

TrackStar Candidate Tracker is priced on a per Active user basis.  An active user is one who has been entered in to the application and has the ability to log on.  This would include Managers and Employees of your company.
Pricing is also based on the number of (offline) candidate records maintained by the system.

Employees who terminate and Candidates can be marked inactive or removed, and no longer consume one of your licenses.
A small number of administrative licenses are needed to perform setup and maintenance.  Admin licenses are priced separately from Candidate Tracker licenses.

Sample Pricing
Online Candidate
Offline Candidates Admin Users Monthly
ASP Price
OR One Time
In-house Price
50 500 2 187.90   n/a
100 1,000 2 291.02   n/a
250 2,500 2 546.49   $21,652
500 5,000 2 897.08   $35,551
1000 10,000 2 1445.11   $57280
>1000   2     Please call!
Setup fees start at $250.  Multiple training options are also provided.   
All prices are subject to change without notice.  Please ask for a quote on your specific configuration. 

In-house price includes first year annual support.

Next Steps

  • Fill out an information request form by following the Request Information link. A sales representative will contact you and can provide additional information, and pricing specific to your configuration.
  • Request a demonstration so you can experience TrackStar first hand. ISC will guide you through the system, and point out its features and capabilities.
  • Confirm configuration, pricing and obtain approvals.
  • Review and execute our standard ASP or License agreement.
  • Begin using TrackStar!

ISC makes getting started fast and easy. A complete planning guide is provided to assist you with your data collection and policy definition tasks. Once information has been gathered, you use the administration functions of TrackStar to enter/import data. Excel templates are provided to help you organize your data and to simplify import. You can be up-and-running in a few days!

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